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A pallet without a future has no meaning in tomorrow’s world. We collect our pallets where no one dares to venture.

Availability of ECO PGS pallets

ECO PGS pallets: a budget under control, secured pallets and a responsible logistics system

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PGS reverse supply of ECO PGS pallets

Because a lost pallet is a waste of raw material, PGS extends pallet collection beyond standard food retail outlet channels and provides every business the opportunity to help the environment.
Through its extensive nationwide network, PGS collects everywhere, regardless of the quantity of pallets to pick up.

For whom?

>  Vendors of specialized retail outlets,
>  players in the agricultural and industrial world,
>  players in the home improvement retail outlet market,
>  players in the construction business,
>  community retail outlets …

Hand-in-hand with you, we help implement a responsible logistics system.

Rental with no surprises: a controlled budget

We study your points of delivery and assess the collection capabilities of our network. You benefit from a fixed price with no indemnities for loss, we bet on our performance and your commitment!

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ECO PGS® green pallets: an eco-design

Eco-design of pallets to conserve natural resources, to achieve maximum product life and optimize shipping.

PGS reverse green ECO PGS pallet eco-design


Limit the impact on the environment from the pallet from its design.
>  Less raw material: greater savings, more eco-friendly
>  Optimization of truckloads: designed to save space during empty runs
>  Decrease in energy consumption: use of modern sawing technologies
>  Extension of pallet life: multiple rotation of pallets (collection and repair)
>  Secured and controlled pallets  
>  Traceability: guaranteed specific marking
>  Quality control: monitoring of manufacturing and repair

ECO PGS pallets are made from PEFC certified wood from French and European sustainably managed forests. Our forestry operations also enable us to guarantee and secure our wood supply.
PGS is involved in a variety of reforestation programs and supports development of ReforestAction.

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ECO PGS® green pallet formats

Pallet formats are available based on your load and reuse needs.

To find out more: examples of green collaboration