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Reverse Logistics Solutions

An empty run is unproductive for both a pallet and the planet.
Virtual transfer and real delivery!

Relocation of your EPAL/EUR-Düsseldorfer pallets

A credit-debit system: a pallet account valid throughout Europe.

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PGS reverse EPAL/EUR-Düsseldorfer relocation

Virtual transfer for real delivery: pallets wherever and whenever you want without wasting a trip

Get access to an EPAL stock of 500 million pallets. We supply your needs at a given location at a predetermined time. Collection, sorting, and repair are all performed in our facilities.

Due to the breadth and depth of its network, PGS guarantees collection and delivery of your pallets while limiting any empty runs: The closest PGS facility is used.
You can load your pallets in Paris or Berlin and return them to us in Barcelona or anywhere else in Europe!

The benefits of relocation:
Savings on pallet purchases,
A pallet account is available online 24/7, updated in real time, and is a single contact
Lower shipping costs,
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Limits raw material wastage: extends pallet life, through collection and maintenance

The PGS pallet account: how it works

Virtual relocation is a logistics service designed to manage pallet flows throughout Europe. It is much like a «  credit-debit  » banking system

By creating your PGS RLS® pallet account, you credit it with a specific quantity of EPAL/EUR type pallets. The same contact manages your account nationally and globally.
You commission pallet delivery to supply your shipping sites, we deliver from the closest PGS facility. The number of delivered pallets is debited from your account.
You specify the place where the pallets can be picked up, PGS (always from the closest facility) collects them and your account is then credited with the number of collected pallets. Any «  pallet  » movement is the subject of a credit or debit operation in your account.

You make no capital investment, you only spend the pallets that you actually use. Credit pallets to your account, make direct deposits to your shipping sites, and reload your account by specifying the collections that need to be made at the points of arrival.

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EPAL/EUR — Düsseldorfer pallets

Delivered pallets meeting the quality requirements of your facilities.

Pallet refurbishing

Relocation means collection, sorting and repair. A complete process that PGS has mastered since the founding of the company. Reusable, repairable and 100% recyclable, the wooden pallet represents - beyond a doubt - an eco-friendly solution in the package world.

PGS reverse pallet refurbishing

PGS reverse pallet refurbishing



Pallet collection

Collection is carried out directly by our drivers who pick up used pallets from users. A collection bin can be provided.
The closest PGS facility processes them. The extensive network of our PGS facilities in France and our certified partners in Europe allow us to limit to a maximum «  empty  » runs with your pallets.

Pallet sorting

Upon reception of the pallets at our facility, the pallets are routinely sorted and their condition inspected.
Pallets in good condition are re-introduced in the stores of the PGS facility that collected them.
Damaged pallets, depending on their condition, are repaired or recycled after removing the re-useable parts.

Pallet repair

The broken pallets are sent for repair and the defected parts are repaired. This operation includes disassembly, nailing of new parts, and quality control.
The repairs are made according to EUR/EPAL, Dusseldôrfer standards.

ISPM 15 drying

Heat treatment in our ovens (56 °C/30 minutes) for export pallets, shipped in countries complying with standard ISPM 15.
Possibility for artificial drying (option) for uses requiring dry pallets.