PGS and the Rocher Group: a green partnership

PGS reverse Green collaboration with the Roch Group

A leading player in the wood pallet business, PGS (Palettes Gestion Services) has customized both container and organization for the Rocher Group, a leader in cosmetics and well-being.

PGS develops « customized » solution for the Rocher Group
Making a pallet a real driver to create value over the entire logistics chain… that is the challenge taken up by the wood pallet leader, PGS (Palettes Gestion Services) for the Rocher Group, a major actor in the cosmetic and well-being industry, founded 55 years ago. To achieve this, it was first necessary to calibrate the wood pallet (1000×1200), eco-designed by ECO PGS – the « services » subsidiary of the PGS Group – in order to maintain quality in compliance with the company’s use requirements: limit the amount of wood used by optimizing the material, adjusting it to sawing outputs from the PGS saw mills, and by standardizing production for large series while maintaining the safety of individuals and the shipped merchandise. To guarantee the overall security/safety for the Rocher Group, a battery of tests was performed by the FCBA institute. In addition to supplying this eco-designed pallet, PGS provides the Rocher Group with a full range of services that include pallet supply, their collection throughout Europe and logistics park maintenance.

A refurbishing site dedicated to the Rocher Group
PGS has even taking things further by dedicating a refurbishing facility for the Rocher Group, in the town of Glenac (56), located within immediate proximity to the manufacturing and order preparation facilities. The company maintains close ties with the region in which it was founded, Brittany. PGS also has facilities located throughout Brittany, with the recent creation of PGS BREIZH that groups together 5 refurbishing centers in the region and also includes TECHNIPAL BRETAGNE et JOSSO sawmills and production facilities. PGS reverse TEREOS ÉCO-PGS reverse eco-designed palletAlthough it is already widely present throughout the region, PGS has decided to set up operations even closer by creating this facility specifically dedicated to the Rocher Group. « The success of the project required setting up a facility within proximity in order to gain in responsiveness and productivity. With our 2 manufacturing facilities at less than 50 kms from each other, the opening of a refurbishing site at the heart of the Rocher Group enables us to satisfy and meet its needs in timely fashion » stated Emmanuel FONTAINE who heads the Big Strategic Accounts for PGS.

A collection service throughout Europe to reduce carbon impact
PGS also organizes pallet collection in all the Rocher Group’s logistics centers throughout the European Union, and is also mindful of sustainable development by reducing its carbon footprint and make return shipping to the closest point of collection. The ECO PGS pallet was designed to meet several customers’ different needs. « And for each pallet collected, that means as many new pallets that our customer will not need to purchase and thus as much wood saved for an industry required to conserve natural resources. It is a perfect virtuous circle respectful of the environment while allowing to perform one’s eco-civic duty », said Eric DEME, ECO PGS Manager. « What is more normal than a green pallet! It also enables to make visual identification easy and to achieve an outstanding collection rate », he further emphasized. The eco-conception or design of the pallet enables to lower the height of the latter by a few millimetres. This allows for an increase in the volume of empty pallets shipped by lorry and therefore an additional savings of several tens of shipments per year. Additionally, « the ECO PGS pallet, in addition to its availability at the Roche Group’s different facilities, will also be delivered upstream to suppliers, allowing to use the same pallet over the entire logistics chain » stated Eric DEME. Finally, in addition to this collection service, both partners have rolled out a reforestration program. For every 400 pallets delivered to the Rocher Group, PGS has agreed to replant a tree.

The Rocher Group and PGS were, therefore, made for each other. Endowed with the same entrepreneurial spirit, they were both founded by self-made individuals, who were convinced on the value of sustainable development. Customer and vendor both agree today to pursue innovation through the use of an ECO PGS pallet in order to optimize organization and to save on shipping.