TEREOS and ECO PGS develop an eco-designed pallet

PGS reverse TEREOS ÉCO-PGS reverse eco-designed pallet

TEREOS, the sugar cooperative group and ECO PGS, a subsidiary of the PGS Group (Palettes Gestion Services), a leader in pallets, have announced that they have developed a new eco-designed wood pallet. The new pallet also comes with a European collection services and a responsible strategy to protect the environment.

A safe pallet using less wood
Designed to meet the needs of TEREOS’ use, the new pallet model developed by PGS can adapt to multi-client management. PGS has subsequently eco-designed this model by optimizing the material, adapting its sawing output from its own sawmills and by standardizing large series of products. This optimization was carried out in conjunction with TEREOS by focusing specifically on goods and especially people’s safety A resistance test was also performed at the Technological Institute of the FCBA in Bordeaux, France. Jean-Louis LOUVEL, the founding chairman of the PGS Group, explained: « By performing these tests, we went even further in material optimization because we did not stop at just factoring in mechanical performance numbers generated by our software, which integrates high safety coefficients ». Pallet weight was subsequently made lighter, contributing to the prevention of work-related risks and the reduction of MSD (muscular-squelettal disorders)

A collaborative collection service
The project includes a collaborative savings strategy that entails creating added value at each step of the product life cycle, designed to cut back ultimately on energy consumption and raw materials. At TEREOS’ request, in addition to pallet design (format 1000×1200 mm), PGS also provides an overall service including supply of pallet, in compliance with use requirements for TEREOS and its customers, in addition to pallet collection and maintenance. The savings of wood generated in the design, combined with the collection and reuse of pallets represents a yearly gain of wood equivalent to 7,500 trees for those volumes only used by TEREOS.

A responsible strategy
Pallet shipping is also optimized, reducing the number of lorries on the road. Return trips are, in fact, made to the closest collection point and the design of the pallet itself enables to increase the number of pallets shipped per load. Since 2012, both partners have initiated a reforestration program in southwestern France (Aquitaine), hit by the storm, Klaus, in 2009. For 100 pallets delivered to TEREOS, PGS replants 2 trees and 1 additional tree every 10 ECO PGS pallets collected. Subsequently, this year 20,000 trees will be replanted. « Pallets like our packages are absolutely necessary to protect the quality of our products and make shipping easier. The partnership established with PGS enables to limit their impact on the environment. It illustrates our commitments in terms of corporate responsibility and is part of our responsible purchasing policy », said Jean-Paul DUCHER, Procurement Manager for the TEREOS group.